Protecting your office workers from harm

As a Texas employer, maintaining a safe workplace helps to reduce the risk of injury and harm to your workers and should also help to keep your workers’ compensation rates from rising due to claims. However when it comes to workplace safety, it’s not only physical types of jobs such as construction that carry risks; workers in office environments can also suffer injuries in the course of their employment.

Common types of injuries in offices include slip, trip and fall accidents, muscle or repetitive injury strains, and being struck by or colliding with objects. Tips for maintaining safety and avoiding accidents in the workplace include:

•    Slip trip and fall accidents – keep floors clean and walking areas free of obstacles such as electrical cords, and designate areas for personal items such as bags and umbrellas.

•    Muscle / repetitive strains – consider rotating workers onto different jobs to avoid excess repetition, ensure workstations are well-designed and adjustable, and avoid storing heavy items on high shelves.

•    Strains from lifting – train all workers on correct handling and lifting techniques and provide carrying equipment such as trolleys or carts.

•    Object collisions – make sure lighting is adequate and that equipment is kept out of walking areas.
Making safety a priority in your workplace may provide numerous benefits – including lower rates of injury and absenteeism, better workplace morale, and of course a reduced need for lodging insurance claims. For more information on workers’ compensation rates for Texas businesses, contact one of our agents.


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