7 Ways to Save on Gas Costs

These days, Americans will do almost anything to save a buck here and there. One great way to save is to save on the cost of gas these days. While it may seem near impossible to do so, there are always a few tactics that could help you cut down on the cost. A few dollars here and there will really add up!

Filling a car at a gas station

Here are seven ways to save on gas:

1.    Roll up the windows while driving on the highway. While many people believe turning off the AC will save fuel, this is not true while driving speeds over 40mph. The windows down will increase the drag.

2.    Make sure your tires are properly filled. Under-inflated tires will negatively affect your gas mileage.

3.    Reduce the weight in your vehicle. This means clearing out your trunk, if possible!

4.    When is the last time you replaced your air filters? A dirty air filter will result in lower gas mileage.

5.    Car pool every chance you get.

6.    Ask your insurance agent about possible car insurance discounts. You may be eligible for a good student discount, low mileage, safety, loyalty discount, etc. If you do not ask, you may never know.

7.    If you are ready to make a big change, consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle. This is a sure way to get better mileage and save on the cost to fill up.

So what are you waiting for? If you have not considered these tips before, now would be a good time to give them a try. Next, it may be time to start saving on your auto insurance premium. Be sure to come back in the coming weeks for some tips!


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