Champion Restoration's Best Tips to Weather the Storm

While the rest of us are sitting in our homes riding out the storm in the event of a hurricane, Champion Restoration is rallying their troops and getting ready to help those less fortunate pick up the pieces left in the wake of a major storm or disaster.

Based in West Houston and family owned and operated, Champion Restoration has served the Greater Houston Area since 2004. When you’re sitting in your living in two inches of water, they’re the folks you will want to call. Whether it’s water removal, fire clean up, repairing or rebuilding after storm damage, Champion Restoration is always on the ready to meet the needs of our community.

Who else is better equipped and experienced to give us a few tips to prepare for hurricane season? Owner, Melinda Mikeska shares a few of their best tips in the video below.

Know your insurance policy

Do you know where you policy is? Do you know your deductible? Do you have flood insurance? When you have this information at the ready, the restoration company will be able to respond more quickly when you have this information easily available.

Prepare your home

Prior to a major hurricane, the best case scenario would be for you and your family to safely evacuate. Make sure everything in your yard area is tied down so as not to become flying debris that could cause more damage to your home. Of course, evacuation may not be possible. In this case, see the next tip.

Define a safe area within your home

Make sure you and your family all know where this area is located. This should be in the interior of the home and on the first floor. An example could be a half bath or even a stairwell.

Have necessities on hand

If you’ve lived near the coast for any period of time you most likely have this list already in mind. It’s the basics: toiletries, bug spray, flash lights, first aid kit, battery-operated radio, extra batteries, non-perishable food items, cash, necessary medications, etc.

Have plenty of water on hand

Often following a hurricane the community is put on a boiling water advisory. You may or may not have the ability to boil water following the disaster. This makes normal tasks quite challenging. Make sure you have plenty of water for both drinking and beyond.

Create a visual inventory of your home and contents

Your homeowner’s policy will read that your home will be returned to a pre-loss condition; however, you’re the only one that really knows what this condition is in comparison to the state of your home following the disaster. Take photos or video of the structure of your home along with the contents. You must be able to communicate this with the claims adjuster and restoration company.

Know who you’re going to call

Your insurance provider often has a list of preferred providers or you can contact the Better Business Bureau for this information. The best thing you can do is have this plan in mind beforehand. Following a disaster, everyone is in a mad dash trying to book these companies. If you have all your paperwork together and know who you are going to call, you will be one step ahead and will be able to resolve your situation sooner.

Thank you to Champion Restoration for sharing your hurricane tips with us! Put Champion Restoration on your list of companies to call following a storm or disaster. They value the relationship they have with their clients and strive to do the best job possible.

We hope these tips will keep you prepared to weather the storm!

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