What You Need to Know About Texas Business Insurance & Your Ability to Rebuild After Loss

As Texas business insurance providers, we feel that it is our job to make sure these local entrepreneurs are prepared for the unforeseen which may include hurricanes, flood or fire. As insurance professionals it’s important that we not only help our business insurance clients find the most affordable insurance coverage available, but also ensure that they are fully aware of what is contained in their insurance policy.

Building owners often assume that when they purchase insurance for their business or business personal property that absolutely everything is covered. However, business insurance can be a bit more complicated.

For instance, let’s talk about an often forgotten aspect of property insurance: Debris Removal. After natural disasters or otherwise, there is usually a lot of debris that must be cleared before the rebuilding process can begin. However, most building cost estimators calculate the value based on rebuilding from the ground up – not including the expense of clearing the debris that must be removed before the rebuild. Depending on the construction of your building or even the type of business personal property you have, the debris removal expense could be higher than the amount allotted in your insurance policy.

In fact, the standard, unendorsed property policy only offers to pay an additional $10,000 for debris removal expenses and only when a certain set of circumstances apply.

The good news? You do have the option to purchase a higher debris removal expense limit for additional premium at which point the insurance carrier can increase the limit to the amount you deem appropriate for your building or property.

You don’t have to be versed in all things insurance, but your agent should be. It’s imperative that you find a business insurance agent that is knowledgeable and able to keep you informed of important details such as discussed.

Providing business insurance in Texas for more than ten years, we’ve seen the impact that a disaster can have on the businesses in our local communities. As your Texas business insurance agency, our goal is to make sure that your business can not only weather the storm, but will also be able to open your doors as soon as possible.

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