Be Careful of Scams Designed to Separate You from Your Money or Identity

Maybe you already have Colorado renters insurance for financial protection and to cover you in the event of a property or personal liability claim. You should also check with your agent to discover what additional options can be added to your renter’s policy.  One event which could be hard to protect yourself from however, is that of an online scam artist.

Through an online scam, crooks can seek to take your personal information from you in their quest to steal your belongings, your identity, or your money. Because renters move more frequently than homeowners, they may like to use online services to find apartments, furniture, or to look for roommates. Renters therefore may actually be at a higher risk of certain types of online scams.

One example is that of identity theft. This might happen through a bogus email that looks like it is from an official bank or from eBay or another company. It then asks you for personal information and credit card or bank account details. You should not respond to these types of emails.

Other types of scams include those in which buyers make a bogus payment for items you are selling, making it look like they have overpaid before asking for a refund.

Even though your Colorado renters insurance is designed to protect you financially from various types of losses such as theft or fire, other types of scams will require your diligence to keep you from being taken advantage of. Ask your agent about additional coverage on top of your renter’s insurance for identity theft.

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