Popular Mountain Bike Materials in Colorado

Colorado, with its scenic beauty and challenging trails, is a very popular place for mountain biking enthusiasts. In places like Steamboat Springs, you can book a stay-over for a mountain biking excursion which includes equipment rentals, and trail maps for those less familiar with the terrain. For regular mountain biking enthusiasts, it is not uncommon to own a bike worth several thousand dollars. Fortunately if you own a bike and you also rent a home in Colorado, renters insurance offers coverage for possessions. This means if you have a policy you should be able to get financial protection in case of theft of or damage to your bike.

One of the highest rated and most expensive materials for mountain bikes is titanium. Titanium is a very light weight and sturdy material which over the years has replaced aluminum and carbon fiber as the material of choice. To add to its appeal, titanium is also relatively easy to work with for customizing lengths, shapes and thicknesses. You are much more likely to create your ideal riding machine with titanium. However, all this flexibility and light weight comes at a pretty high price. Another very popular material for mountain bikes is carbon fiber. This material is also very strong and lightweight, although a downside is its brittleness, making it less versatile than titanium.

However no matter which kind of mountain bike you own, you should get it covered for theft and various other perils. This may be possible though Colorado renters insurance, although if you own a very expensive bike you may need to get a policy endorsement or ‘floater’ for extra coverage. In any case, speak to a local agent for more information on renter policies in Colorado.


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