Renting to buying in Colorado – short-term pain for long-term gain

Perhaps you, like many young couples, are renting an apartment whilst saving to buy your own home and considering taking a mortgage as well. As a result it may not have occurred to you to investigate Colorado renters insurance. Not everyone knows that the landlord’s insurance on the building does not cover the tenant’s own household goods and personal possessions.

You may, of course, be living like monks who have taken a vow of poverty and have few possessions. For most of us folks it is a different story and there are few people who do not possess items they value. Consider for example, your living room. You probably have a TV, a sound system and a computer, all of which you use frequently. Your bedroom no doubt houses your clothes and valuables such as jewelry.  What happens if you have a burglar enter your home and remove your jewelry, or a fire which destroys your living room contents? As it’s usually quite inexpensive, renters’ insurance is a good value thing to have.

The last few years with the sub-prime mortgage crisis have shown us the wisdom of not becoming deeply embroiled in debt. With careful financial management by way of a regular savings plan and a budget you may go a long way towards a deposit on a house while still protecting your belongings with Colorado renters insurance. We are but a phone call away.


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