Why Your Restaurant Should have a Spill Kit

When you work in a restaurant you deal with a number of liquids including water, grease, hot liquids such as coffee and cleaning chemicals. Spilling any of these can lead to a safety hazard for staff and customers alike. Prompt action in cleaning up spills could help to safeguard your customers and could even help you to avoid having to make a claim on your restaurant liability insurance.

Having a pre-prepared spill kit can save time when something is spilt in your restaurant. Different types of spills often require different methods and cleaning agents and the confusion of running around trying to find the right product or cleaning implement could mean that the spill is left longer than necessary. A spill kit can be placed in a designated area of your kitchen and all staff made aware of its location and use.

Your spill kit should contain the following:
•    Dustpan
•    Broom
•    Sponges
•    Kitty litter or granules to absorb spills
•    Towels
•    Mop and bucket
•    Garbage bags

Cleaning up spills as quickly as possible after they occur could reduce the chances of someone slipping over and injuring themselves. Having a spill kit could help you clean up the spill faster but it is also important to make sure you have adequate coverage on your restaurant liability insurance just in case.Call one of our agents for more information.


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