4 Tips for CO Business Owners to Reduce the Cost of Workers Compensation Insurance

Although there are a few exceptions, business owners are required by the state to purchase workers compensation insurance in Colorado for their employees. As a Colorado insurance agency, we want to make sure small business owners are well-covered in the event of the unexpected and we love to be able to save them money as well.

Check out a few tips from our Colorado business insurance agents for keeping the cost of your workers’ compensation insurance to a minimum:

  • Keeping your workplace safe is a way to help reduce the cost of your workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Create an employee safety manual and make sure every employee has a copy.
  • Have an evacuation plan in case of emergencies.
  • Designate a medical facility for your employees in the event of an emergency.

Although worker’s compensation insurance in Colorado is required, with these tips we hope you can prepare to keep your workers’ comp rates low. For a review of your business’ insurance policy or questions about workers’ compensation insurance, call our Colorado commercial insurance agents today!

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