3 Unexpected Causes of Flooding | 3 Reasons You Need Flood Insurance

As a Texas insurance agency providing insurance from Plano, Texas to the Houston Gulf Coast, we’re well aware of our client’s flood insurance needs during hurricane season. However, there are a few additional factors that are less in the forefront of the minds of Texas homeowners and can have a powerful and unexpected impact on flooding in your neighborhood.

Did you know that nearly 25% of flood insurance claims are from areas that are considered of low to moderate flood risk? Flooding can happen anytime and anywhere.

Dams or Broken Levees

Flooding Caused by Dam to LeveeRecently our neighbors in Richmond, Texas experienced unexpected flooding when a levee broke after 8-11 inches of rainfall. It happened in a matter of hours.

Not only has flooding affected Richmond residents, their homes are also in jeopardy from a gorge created by erosion. According to officials, the levee breach was caused by a clogged or damaged drainage pipe.

According to the National Inventory of Dams, of the 74,000 dams in the U.S. nearly one-third pose a significant risk to life and property if they collapse. In cases of extreme flooding, levees and floodwalls can certainly become overwhelmed resulting in a breach.

New Development

<img class="aligncenter size-medium wp-image-1298" title="New Development" src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/107/2012/

05/NewDevelopmentFloods-199×300.jpg” alt=”” width=”199″ height=”300″ />Our corporate insurance office is located in the Houston Area suburb of Katy, Texas. It seems like there is a new development underway on daily basis. Everything is moving out West!

While we are certainly excited to see our communities grow, it does bring about potential changes to the way water naturally drains. Even a parking lot or apartment complex being built next to your neighborhood can cause major changes in the way the area handles water flow. In the event of heavy rains, this could result in unexpected flooding.

Fire Damaged Ground

During the past year several areas of Texas, including the Houston Area, experienced a rash of wildfires that spread quickly before they were finally controlled. Because the ground has been charred, rainwater is not easily absorbed, thus increasing flood risk.

Prepare for the Unexpected

The natural power that water can have is incredibly humbling. Whether flooding is a result of the natural or man-made, it’s always a reminder that there are some things we just can’t control.

You can, however, be prepared. Flood insurance isn’t just for those living along the Houston Gulf Coast. If you own a home, rent a condo, or own a business, flood insurance is a wise investment. Remember, flood insurance is excluded from your homeowners’ policy or commercial property policy.

Call your Texas insurance agent to make sure that you have flood insurance or call us today to get a free flood insurance quote!


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