Lightning Proof your Home and Equipment

Colorado is known for summer thunderstorms and with thunder comes lightning. Although injury or death from a direct lightning strike is a relatively rare event, lightning can cause damage to your home and potentially lead to a claim on your Colorado insurance. Help protect your home and possessions by taking a few simple lightning proofing measures.

•    Make sure you have surge protectors to help prevent lightning induced power surges from damaging appliances and computer equipment. Surge protectors are generally inexpensive and can be bought at your local hardware store.
•    Whenever a storm is in the vicinity, make sure you unplug all your computer equipment as a precaution against power surges. Don’t forget to disconnect your TV antenna too.
•    Lightning rods may be an effective way to help reduce the risk of a lightning strike causing a fire to your property or building.
Help protect yourself during a thunderstorm by not using corded phones, not touching plugs or light switches and avoiding coming into contact with plumbing such as taps or shower heads. Stay away from windows and doors. Protecting your home and equipment from the dangers of lightning might help to keep your family safer, and lessen the chance you’ll be putting in a claim on your Colorado insurance after a storm.


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