Making Sure You Have Restaurant Insurance and Tips For a Successful Restaurant Opening Night

Have you started or are you thinking about starting your own restaurant? Working in hospitality can be a fast paced and exciting career but there is a lot to take into consideration if you are going to make your restaurant work. An important priority should be to safeguard your business by taking out the right business insurance protection including restaurant liability insurance.

Having a successful launch night also plays an integral part in building your restaurant’s reputation and popularity. Here are a few tips to help you plan your restaurant’s big night:

•    Choose a weekend rather than a week night. People are more likely to go out for dinner on a Friday or Saturday night than Monday or Tuesday, which means there’s a bigger potential attendance at the weekend.
•    Make sure you advertise. Use a range of media – consider print, radio and online for maximum impact.
•    Think about the type of customers you are targeting and make sure your advertising is designed to reach them specifically.
•    For an instant PR boost, consider donating some or all of the proceeds from your opening night to charity.
•    Offer free samples of some of your dishes, to allow customers to try a range of different menu items.
Having a great opening night can get you off to a good start as your guests talk favorably about your business to others. Remember, before you open your doors for business make sure you have restaurant liability insurance along with other insurance protection to help financially safeguard your new business.

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