Safer Driving in Dust Storms

Although Texas weather is usually pleasant at this time of year, some parts of the state are prone to dust storms during late spring. Dust storms can be hazardous, particularly if you are driving, as visibility can be reduced severely and collisions can happen from flying objects. Knowing the safest way to drive during a dust storm may help you to prevent a serious accident and could even reduce your chance of needing to make a car insurance claim. In the event that your vehicle is damaged during a dust storm, inform your Texas insurance agency as soon as possible.

When you see a dust storm approaching, you should:
•    Pull over off the road if it is safe to do so
•    Turn off your lights and put the emergency brake on
•    Put on your seat-belt
•    When you are caught driving in a dust storm and can’t pull over, slow down and switch your lights on

•    Sound your horn to make other road users aware of your presence

Wherever possible it is best to avoid driving in a dust storm, so pulling over to the side of the road away from any oncoming traffic is generally the safest option. Keep an eye out for local weather warnings and if a storm is expected, try to delay your journey if you can. In the event that you do have a collision, your Texas insurance agency should be able to advise you on the claims process and what level of coverage you have for your vehicle. In any event, remember that safety should be your first priority.


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