The Importance of Having Liability Insurance and Safe Service of Alcohol in Restaurants

Running a restaurant or bar is a big responsibility. Your customers come to you for food, drink, atmosphere and the chance to unwind and socialize with their friends. Alcohol can be a big part of that for many people and although most enjoy alcohol in moderation, there are always those who overindulge. In the event that a customer drinks too much at your establishment and drives home or sustains an injury you could be held liable. Having restaurant liability insurance that covers this type of incident is one safeguard against this risk, adequately training your staff in the responsible service of alcohol is another.

There are a number of organizations that can undertake courses in alcohol service and these vary from state to state. As an employer, making sure all staff members undergo extensive training may be an investment that pays off in the long run, particularly in terms of your liability risk and the safety of your patrons. Staff should at the very minimum be aware of the dangers of serving more alcohol to already intoxicated patrons, and support should be on hand to manage the risks of intoxicated aggressive customers who could be a danger to themselves and others.

Teaching your serving staff the responsible way to provide alcohol may not only help to safeguard your business against liability related claims, it may even help prevent a drunk-driving accident or worse. Your restaurant liability insurance is there as a last resort, it shouldn’t be your main option!


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