Minimizing The Risk of Slips in Your Restaurant

March is a wet time of year in many parts of the country and waterlogged surfaces can be a cause of slips and falls. Restaurants are high traffic areas and customers tracking in water and wet umbrellas from outside could soon turn even the driest floor into a slippery nightmare. Keep your restaurant customers as safe as possible by taking precautions against slips at your premises. A nasty injury could lead to a liability claim, so make sure you have restaurant liability insurance as a safeguard against the costs of legal action.

A few ways to help reduce the hazards of wet surfaces include:
•    Use non slip surfaces for outside walkways and paths
•    Make sure all steps and stairs have handrails
•    Mop up spills as soon as they happen and make sure you put warning signs out for customers
•    Encourage customers to leave wet umbrellas at the entrance to the restaurant

•    Put non slip mats down on potentially dangerous areas

By keeping your customers as safe as possible, you can hopefully avoid a liability claim against you. In the event that there is a claim and you are deemed negligent, having restaurant liability insurance in place may help you cover the costs of the lawsuit and hopefully help keep your doors open for business.

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