Spring Wedding Ahead? Here are 5 Tips for Smooth Planning!

Planning a spring wedding? First, congratulations! Spring weddings are beautiful. However, no matter when your wedding date is, it is sure to be a little hectic and stressful during the planning portion. Luckily, our Texas insurance agency has a few tips that may help you properly plan for your big day without the added anxiety!

#1: Save the date early. The faster you send out the invitations, the faster you will get a headcount. It is so important to know exactly who will be coming to start budgeting, planning out seating, etc.

#2: Plan with your spouse-to-be. Planning a wedding together is a great test to see how well you both work under pressure together. It may be hectic but it is important to work t

ogether and enjoy this time.

#3:  Choose a theme. Figure out the colors and theme you want and run with it! If you are not sure on your theme, the entire planning process may be stalled.

#4: Protect your wedding. To ensure a smooth day, it is best to look into wedding insurance. This coverage will protect everything from the rings to the reception hall. The last thing you want during this time is to lose a large sum of money because of an issue or even inclement weather.

#5: Consider hiring a wedding planner. If this whole process is over your head, consider hiring a planner. This will help keep your stress in check and make it much easier on you.

Planning a wedding does not always go as smooth as we may hope, but with the right attitude and proper procedures, you should be able to handle it! If you are concerned about protecting your special day, be sure to speak with our Texas insurance agency. We would be happy to cover the best day of your life!



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