Rats in a Restaurant are Only Cute in the Movie Ratatouille!

Remember the Disney movie Ratatouille? This film was a delight for all children and even adults! Disney movies are never a disappointment. While a rat as an all-star chef is cute and fun on screen, that is never the case in the real world. Rats in the restaurant business are a liability concern because they may affect your employees, your guests and the food. Rat prevention and control should be a concern!

How can you prevent rats from affecting your restaurant?

  • Have your building inspected for access holes and entrance ways. It is important to have these holes closed up
  • Eliminate excess food that may attract rats and mice. It is important to have a dumpster to properly discard of all leftovers.
  • Have a professional go through the building, checking the physical structure to a plumber coming in and checking pipes.
  • If you have a growing issue with rats, it is important to hire a professional rat remover company and have traps set up.

Another way to protect your restaurant is to look into a restaurant liability insurance policy. This policy is specially designed to cover the specific needs of the food industry. It can provide protection for the following: general liability, kitchen equipment, food spoilage, liquor liability, workers compensation, loss of business income and much more.

Sure, Remy the rat may know how to season a dish and cook exquisite meals but he is an exception!



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