Would You Like a Side of Jewelry Insurance with that Ring?

Proposals on Valentine’s Day are quite popular in America! Surely, both you and your fiancée are ecstatic and your family must be as well! After the proposal, it may seem like there is so much to be done, between the planning and all the excitement. However, before you start booking venues and hotels, it is important to insure that beautiful diamond. Our Texas insurance agency recommends having jewelry insurance!

You were not aware of jewelry insurance? Allow us to tell you more about it!

Having this coverage in place will make sure your sentimental valuable is covered in the event of it being lost, stolen, or damaged. There are many factors involved that will affect this policy (cost, size of ring, etc.) and you should always speak with your agent about the exact coverage.

Jewelry insurance can be added onto your homeowners insurance or even renters insurance. Sure, a typical policy for either of these does not say anything about engagement rings and other jewels but this coverage is very possible! If you and your fiancee do not live together at the moment, it is common to have the ring covered on your parent’s home insurance policy.

Be sure to speak with our Texas insurance agency about adding this supplemental policy onto your pre-existing plan or your parent’s. We would be happy to help during this happy time!


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