Reduce Respiratory Risks in Your Auto Body Shop

As the owner of an auto body and repair shop, you are no stranger to risks. Luckily, you are covered with auto repair insurance, but that does not mean you can forgo safety procedures. In your shop, hazardous materials and pollutants fill the air on a daily basis. The paint application process in your shop is a crucial part of your business, but that does not mean it is okay for your health. The same goes for the sanding process. Breathing in these air pollutants and chemicals can cause severe health problems if the area is not well ventilated.

In order to control the danger of these tasks, our Texas insurance agency has a few safety precautions to share:

•    Always follow container directions when mixing and using body filler.

•    Keep your work area clean, and free of sand dust and filler.

•    Choose to work with less hazardous materials, such as water-based paints. These paints have reduced VOC emissions, safety hazards and toxic solvents.

•    Always wear respiratory protection when sanding and working with fiberglass filler.

•    Invest in a central vacuum system to take care of dust in the air during sanding.

Keeping the atmosphere clean in your auto body shop may not always be the easiest task, but there are always ways to reduce harmful air pollutants and risks.

Speaking of risks, when is the last time you updated your coverage? With reliable auto repair insurance in place, your shop will not have to worry about financial consequences, errors made, losses and much more. Be sure to grab a free quote from our Texas insurance agency today!


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