Colorado Insurance for the Married Life

Only one week until Valentine’s Day! Have you ordered flowers yet? Did you make dinner reservations? While these are the most common Valentine’s Day traditions, let’s make this year different. Have you purchased a life insurance policy for both you and your spouse yet? Okay, Colorado insurance may not scream ROMANTIC but it is a loving gesture! Nothing is better than the gift of security and protection.

Unlike other policies, life insurance is really a policy for your loved one, rather you. Having this coverage will make sure you and your spouse will not be left alone to financially fend for yourselves if the other one unexpectedly passes away. It may be seem daunting to think about, but this is reality, and it is important to be prepared for it.

There are a few policies you can choose from, including:

Term life;

•    Will cover a period of your life (10 years, 30, etc.)

•    Cannot be used as cash value.

•    Lower premium for a high amount of coverage.

•    Rates are subject to change after specific terms expire.

Whole life;

•    Permanent coverage as long as you continue to pay the premium.

•    Can build equity and have cash value as time goes on.

•    Premiums are higher than term life, but it is much more valuable.

If you are not sure which policy will best suit your lifestyle, do not hesitate to contact our Colorado insurance agency! We would be happy to help you choose a policy. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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