Fine Dining on Valentine’s Day is Popular; Restaurant Liability Insurance is a MUST

Before you know it, all the love birds will be making dinner reservations at your fine dining restaurant. As a restaurant owner, it is your responsibility to feature great Valentine’s Day specials, clean up, decorate and make sure you are properly covered for the busy time. Looking into restaurant liability insurance is a definite must.

During such a busy time, your chefs will be moving quickly and customers will be all over your restaurant’s property; it is not unlikely for an accident to occur! Luckily, with the proper coverage in your fine dining restaurant, you will not have to worry about any accidents, mishaps or claims. A specialized restaurant liability insurance policy will include the following coverage:

•    General liability

•    Kitchen equipment

•    Food spoilage

•    Liquor liability

•    Workers compensation

•    Loss of business income

•    And much more!

The last thing you need during a busy week is an unexpected accident or injury to hurt your business or reputation. Be sure to speak with us at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services about our specialized restaurant liability insurance policy. We do not want to see your place of business fail!

Enjoy the busy time!


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