The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Spouse: Protection!

Only two more weeks until Valentine’s Day! For all those who are married, what will you be doing for your spouse this year? Year after year… it may get hard to keep coming up with great ideas. Honestly, it probably does not take much to make your significant other happy. Dinner and some chocolate will most likely suffice! However, if you are looking to take your gift a step further this year, may we suggest the gift of protection?

At Dagley Insurance and Financial Services, we believe that life insurance is a gift. Unlike other policies, this is coverage designed for your loved

ones more than it is for yourself. If you are not already covered, now is the perfect time. What if something should happen to you? Without life insurance, your spouse would be left to fend for themselves (bills, mortgage, final expenses, etc.) That doesn’t sound so romantic, does it?

Of course, there are other ideas too. Here are a few that we believe your spouse will enjoy!

  • A homemade card
  • A flower arrangement
  • Take chocolate to the next level with Personalized M&M’s
  • Fine jewelry
  • Tickets to a show/concert/sport event
  • Fragrance
  • A CD mix of all their favorite songs

So what are you waiting for? Are you ready to give the gift of protection this year? Be sure to speak with our Texas insurance agency about your options and even ways to receive the lowest possible premium. We would love to help.

Good luck finding that perfect gift!



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