Our Texas Insurance Agency Encourages Clients to Combine Policies!

As an adult, having home, auto and life insurance policies is one of the many responsibilities of life. If you know you are going to have all three of these policies, why would you NOT bundle them with the same insurance agency? Believe it or not, but many people deal with separate agencies for separate policies. Talk about confusion! Our Texas insurance agency believes in combining policies and you should too!

Why should you bundle these three policies?

•    Bundling policies will guarantee savings and discounts.

•    There is much less paperwork and confusion when dealing with one agency.

•    Having all your coverage in one area can help reduce coverage gaps.

So why should you bundle these three specifics? All three are crucial as an adult! It is inevitable that you will need all of the above, so why would you buy separately? You may think you are saving money on your premium, when in reality, bundling will do the same for you.

If you have any questions or concerns about combining your policies, do not hesitate to speak with us at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services! We would be happy to discuss your coverage and the ways you can save.


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