Jump on the Green Bandwagon: 10 Ways to Go Green in the Office!

Going green seems to be the thing to do these days. While some may have made resolutions to lose weight or get fit, others may be hopping on the green bandwagon! Going green does not only have to be a “homeowner thing”, either. As a business owner, you can take your green initiatives over to the office.

Here are 10 ways to go green at work:

  1. Encourage employees to recycle by placing a plastic and paper bin in the kitchen or lounge.
  2. Choose recycled-paper products for your office.
  3. Have employees bring in their own mug for coffee and tea

    instead of buying paper goods.

  4. Invest in a few Energy Star appliances for the office (printers, scanners, etc.)
  5. Change all bulbs in the office to CFL bulbs.
  6. If possible, have employees print double-sided to save on paper.
  7. Make sure all computers and electronics are turned off before leaving the office.
  8. Look into sensory lights for rooms that are not always in use (bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
  9. Go digital by sending out company newsletters and memos via e-mail.
  10. Allow each employee a day to telecommute to save on gas and driving.

As you can see, there are always ways you can go green in the office! Our Texas insurance agency believes that doing your part to save the environment and keep a healthy work environment is crucial. That is exactly why we offer reliable business insurance, too. Be sure to speak with us to grab a free quote!



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