Tackle the Risks of the Kitchen with Restaurant Liability Insurance

Like all businesses, the restaurant business is full of risks. However, the risks in a restaurant are much different than those in say, an office setting. As a result, restaurant owners are encouraged to look into specialized coverage. A typical business insurance policy will not cut it! What your restaurant needs is restaurant liability insurance.

In a restaurant, the risks are endless. Some of these risks include:

•    Slips and falls

•    Cuts and bruises

•    Burns

•    Lifting injuries

•    Food poisoning

•    Fire disasters (oven, stove, etc.)

•    Equipment malfunction

These are only a few of the endless risks! Luckily, restaurant liability insurance will be able to cover:

•    General liability

•    Kitchen equipment

•    Liquor liability

•    Food spoilage

•    Workers compensation

•    Loss of business income

•    And much more…

The bottom line: special coverage is crucial for your restaurant business, whether you run a café, fine dining restaurant, catering company, or bar and grille. Be sure to speak with one of our insurance experts about restaurant liability insurance.


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