10 Ways to Save Money at Home!

As a homeowner, you should constantly be looking for ways to save on bills, energy, and your Colorado insurance. While it may seem almost impossible to do so at times, that could not be any further from the truth! There are always ways to save and we have ten easy ones to share, right here!

#1: Keep your thermostat set on automatic at the same temperature. Messing with the temperature over and over will affect your bill.

#2: Nix paper and plastic purchases by using ceramic or glass dishes, cups and silverware.

#3: Insulate your attic and close off rooms that are not in use. This will save on your heating bill.

#4: Unplug any appliances around your home that are not consistently in use, such as the toaster, electric tooth brushes, etc.

#5: Keep up with your home’s maintenance to avoid any big repairs, damages or issues.

#6: Instead of cranking the heat, invest in a few space heaters to use around your home.

#7: Bundle your policies with the same Colorado insurance company. Having auto, home and life with the same company is sure to save on your premium.

#8: Only run full loads of laundry and dishes. This can help you save on water costs.

#9: Make sure you do not have “too much” coverage. Speak with an expert about having the proper coverage in place without coverage gaps.

#10: Avoid eating out during the week. Not only is it worse for your waist, but it can drain your bank account. Fill up your fridge with healthy options and cook at home.

As you can see, there are always ways to save money at home! All it takes are a few mindful choices and the proper coverage. Be sure to speak with our Colorado insurance company today about putting the proper home insurance in place!



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