5 Questions Sherlock Holmes Would Ask Before Purchasing a Used Vehicle

Alright, so maybe there weren’t too many used cars in Sherlock Holmes’ day, but when it comes to making a wise decision in purchasing a  used vehicle, a bit of sleuthing is in order.

While finding the best auto insurance in Texas is vital for recovery in the event of an accident or  break in, what you do before you purchase a vehicle could not only save the lives of you and your passengers, but could also prevent  mechanical headaches down the road.

You may visually inspect the car, kick the tires and take it out for a spin, however do you know where it’s been? Researching a vehicle’s  past can tell you a lot about its future.

  1. Was the vehicle a victim of theft?
  2. Given a new identity after a serious accident?
  3. Has someone tampered with or lowered the odometer reading?
  4. Unfortunate bystander during a flood, suffering weather damage?
  5. An unsavory past afflicted with recalls?

Before you say I do to the Vehicle-To-Be, a background check is advised. The best place to start is by dusting for fingerprints. Let’s clarify – the vehicle’s fingerprint – otherwise known as the VIN number. This fingerprint codes information such as the country where it was manufactured, to as detailed as the plant where the vehicle was assembled. This can be important if the vehicle has a history of recalls. Most importantly, once the VIN number is put into databases such as those at CarFax, AutoCheck.com, or www.vehiclehistory.gov, a wealth of information is easily at your fingertips.

Purchasing a reliable used vehicle is now elementary, my dear Watson.

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