This Year, Save Money on Your Business Insurance!

Are you ready to start saving in 2012? Let’s start with your business insurance! As your reliable Texas insurance agency, we have a few tips to offer.

Here are five ways to save on your business insurance:

#1: Choose a higher deductible. By choosing a high deductible, you may need to pay extra once an accident occurs, but your premium will be lower. Many businesses can afford the higher deductible.

#2: Take advantage of group rates. The bigger the group, the more savings! If you are a part of an organization, you can often get a group rating. Be sure to check with your local chamber of commerce!

#3: Improve safety in the workplace. Having extra safety features such as training programs and even a security system may help reduce your premium. Make sure your agent knows about these features!

#4: Reduce your coverage. Sounds weird, right? However, while your company needs coverage that does not mean that it needs EVERY single policy. Make sure you speak with your Texas insurance agency about putting the proper coverage in place without overdoing it.

#5: Consider relocation. Many times, your premium will be based on the location and area you are in. If your company is based in a high-crime or risky area, the premium will be much higher. It may be time to relocate!

There are always ways to save on your business insurance premium- you just have to do the research and make the proper changes. Good luck!



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