Does Your Colorado Insurance Need to be Updated?

While the holidays serve as a wonderful break, we are officially back to work. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to focus on goals for the new year and changes in policies. When is the last time you updated your Colorado insurance policy? Unlike other policies, business insurance should be updated frequently.

Even the simplest changes will result in more or less coverage. Here are a few changes to watch out for:

•    You have moved your location.

•    You have opened up a second location across town.

•    Your employee head-count has doubled in size.

•    You have hired freelancers.

•    You have remodeled and added onto your building.

•    You have purchased new company equipment.

•    You have purchased a company car, or ten.

•    You have traveling salesmen.

•    Your client base has expanded and grown.

If your company has gone through any of these changes during 2011, it may be time to speak with a Colorado insurance agent. If you are not properly covered for the new year, your company will face risks and coverage gaps- that is the last thing you need to start off 2012!


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