Restaurant Liability Insurance 101

As a restaurant owner, you know what we mean when we say that the restaurant business faces a completely different set of risks than any other business. Due to these specific hazards and risks, we offer a specialized policy for you! Allow us to introduce you to restaurant liability insurance.

It does not matter what type of restaurant you own, we will have options for you. We provide coverage for bar & grills, caterers, casual dining, café, fast food restaurants and of course, fine dining restaurants.

What will our restaurant liability insurance cover?

•    General liability

•    Kitchen equipment

•    Liquor liability

•    Food spoilage

•    Workers compensation

•    Loss of business income

•    Property insurance

•    Commercial vehicle insurance

As you can this, these policies are much different than the ones that a law firm or even retail shop would look into! Such a specific coverage is crucial in the food and hospitality business. Without restaurant liability insurance, you may face employee accidents, injuries and even lawsuits alone. That is the last thing you want going into the New Year!

It is time to make sure your coverage is up and ready for the worst before 2012 arrives!


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