Without Colorado Insurance, Rudolph Could Cost You a Fortune!

Is it a coincidence that deer are everywhere around the holidays? Deer-car collisions are becoming a bigger issue as the years go on. Sure, you may think the road is only a straight-away and clear, so you may start to text back your friend. However, it only takes one second for a deer to come dashing out in front of your vehicle. The after math is horrific, from the actually accident to the costly damages.

As your trusty Colorado insurance agency, we have a few pieces of advice to share. We want you to avoid this disaster at all costs!

•    Be extra attentive at dusk and dawn. These are the most common times for deer collisions.

•    Be aware of any “deer crossing” or even just “animal crossing” signs in general.

•    Always buckle up. If you are forced to stop short, you will not go flying through the windshield.

•    If you notice deer on the side of the road, you should: A. Slow down because there may be others around; B. Lay on the horn to scare the animals away and C. blink your lights to get them moving.

•    If you are driving at night, use your high beams whenever you can. This will make their eyes easier to spot in the woods.

•    If a deer runs out, do not swerve. This could ultimately lead to loss of control.

As long as you stay alert and keep your eyes on the road, you should avoid any accidents involving Rudolph during this time of year.

However, we understand that not every accident is 100% avoidable. This is exactly why we offer reliable Colorado insurance. With our car coverage, you will not have to worry about collision, comprehensive, liability or medical costs. The last thing you need to worry about around the holidays is extra finances; you already spend enough on gifts!


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