Our Texas Insurance Agency Offers 5 Financial New Year Resolutions

In only a few weeks, the New Year will be here! That means it is time for New Years parties, changes and resolutions. What will your resolution be? Many adults plan to save more and better their financial situation. Sometimes it is hard to stick to a goal, but not this year! Our Texas insurance agency has come up with five financial resolutions that you can keep.

#1: Pay off your debts. Start off the New Year without a stressful credit card bill. It may seem scary to just pay off the entire bill, but you are sure to breathe a sigh of relief once those fees are gone and your card is cleared.

#2: Update your insurance policies. All of your policies should be reviewed once the New Year arrives, from your home to business. Any sort of change, whether you have remodeled, moved or bought new valuables will affect your coverage.

#3: Review your credit report. Make sure you have good credit. If not, look for ways that will increase it and focus on your goal.

#4: Lower your premiums. Did you know that your New Year resolutions could affect your insurance premiums? If you quit smoking, your life insurance premium will be lowered. If you decide to lose weight for good, your health insurance premium will decrease. Stick to your goals!

#5: Take advantage of 401k. If your company offers a 401k program, contribute to it! Many Americans decide to pass on this benefit because they do not like to see money vanish. However, saving for retirement is crucial and you are never too young to start.

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your finances in 2012 and keep the money coming! Times may be hard, but with a few changes and extra savings, you will be much better off come the New Year- our Texas insurance agency is sure of it!


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