New Year, New Home, New Colorado Home Insurance!

What better way

to start off the New Year than to start over in a new home? Many Americans decide to make the move to start fresh! However exciting this move may be, it is sure to be somewhat stressful. To make this transition as smooth as possible, we have a few tips to share with you- including the best ways to organize yourself and the best Colorado home insurance for your new place!

#1: Make a to-do list. Be sure to write down all the tasks that must be completed. Without a written reminder, important tasks may slip your mind; a sure way to start stressing out!

#2: Label your boxes. You can never label your boxes enough. Whether you color coordinate, use stickers or just label with a sharpie, you will feel much more organized knowing what items are in which box.

#3: Pack the essentials. Dedicate one or two big boxes for the “essentials.” This box may hold a specific kitchen item or even extra moving clothes. Whatever it is, it is an essential that will need to be found ASAP once you are moved in.

#4: Look into coverage. Your new home is in dire need of reliable Colorado home insurance. Make sure you at least choose a typical policy to cover the physical structure of your home, liability, personal possessions, replacement costs and additional living expenses.

#5: Notify friends, family, and post office. It is important to let important people in your life know about your new address and telephone number. Be sure to change your address on your license and other documents as well!

#6: Keep important documents close. Any important documents or valuable items should not be packed away and handled by the movers. Be sure to keep them close by.

#7: Learn the area. Get to know your new area before moving day. Check out the closest banks, markets and even post office.

#8: Introduce yourself. Introduce yourself to the neighbors as soon as you get the chance!

Hopefully, the move goes as smooth as possible! With these few moving tips, you should be off to a good start for the New Year. Good luck!



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