Celebrate the New Year with Our Texas Insurance Agency!

We are just about halfway through December; can you believe the 2011 is coming to an end? As an individual, it is always nice to reflect on any changes you have made during the past year. As a business owner, it is time to reflect on the year’s successes! There are always going to be both highs and lows, but hopefully the pros outweigh the cons. As your reliable Texas insurance agency, we would like to share some vital information with you regarding your policy. Any changes in business will always mean a change in coverage!

Not sure what sort of changes will affect your insurance policy? Allow us to tell you…

#1: You bought a company car. Whether you purchased one or 10, you are responsible for ALL of them. It is your job to make sure both the vehicle and the driver is covered in the event of an accident.

#2: You relocated or opened a second location. Your commercial property insurance is sure to change, especially if you opened another location! Be sure to let your provider know of these changes.

#3: You purchased expensive equipment. Maybe you have purchased a whole new set of Mac books for each employee. It is your responsibility to make sure your commercial property insurance is designed to cover your new valuables.

#4: Your employee count continues to grow. More hires mean more workers compensation, employment practices liability and group benefits.

#5: Your employees are starting to travel. Are your employees starting to travel for business? It may be a good idea to look into a policy to cover travel plans and even rental coverage.

#6: You are serving larger clients and companies. Your professional liability insurance should be ready for any errors or risks, especially when you are serving new industries and clients.

Of course, these changes are all positive. Congratulations on making such big accomplishments and changes during the past year! However, these great changes NEED to be covered properly! Without the proper coverage, you leave room for issues and financial crisis. Be sure to speak with our Texas insurance agency about your changes in order to update your policies for the upcoming year. You deserve to start 2012 the right way!


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