Are You Ready to Budget for College?

Can you believe the school year is just about halfway over? After winter break, high school students will only have a few months left until they graduate. For those who are planning on starting college in the fall, have you started to budget? College costs are NOT cheap! In order to prepare yourself for the costs ahead, it is always a good idea to budget. An easy way to do this is to use a budget calculator!

A college budgeting calculator will put all your expenses

into consideration and figure out exactly what you will need. It looks at expenses such as:

-College tuition

-College textbooks

-Campus housing/room and board


-Travel costs (gas, maintenance, etc.)

-Personal toiletries

-Savings and investments

-Entertainment and activities

-Personal expenses

Colorado insurance

-Miscellaneous and much more.

When you start to write down and see all these expenses on paper, it can be overwhelming! However, at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services, we want to help you budget. We can help you develop a practical investment plan that will grow.  Saving for college tuition and costs does not have to be as stressful as it may seem. We promise!



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