Post Black Friday: Protect Your Purchases with Colorado Home Insurance

Did you survive the busiest shopping day of the year? Now that Black Friday has passed, you can guarantee all stores will officially be packed throughout the holiday season! If you spent Friday buying and saving on big-name items and electronics, good for you! We all deserve to save money in such a tough economy. Now that you are home with your purchases, it is important to protect them. We have a few tips to share with you, including what NOT to do with your boxes and updating your Colorado home insurance.

Keep your valuables safe this holiday season by…

Breaking down boxes. Have you recently purchased a new HD television? Putting the box out on the street for recycling is great advertising for burglars. Be sure to break down boxes and hide the labels.

Keeping an eye on your front porch. Online shopping has been taking over the past few years. Be sure to take in any packages dropped off at your home before someone else decides to snatch it.

Shut your garage. Leaving your garage open is a free invitation to burglars. Make sure you lock your doors and windows, too!

Updating your home insurance policy. If you fall victim to a break-in, your Colorado home insurance can cover any damages or losses. Make sure your policy is ready for the worst case scenario.

Take purchases out of your car. Leaving expensive items in your back seat will be calling all thieves. If you must keep gifts in your vehicle, lock them in your trunk.

This season, it is important to keep your purchases safe and protected. There are hundreds of burglars waiting for the right opportunity to swoop into your home or even car. No one should have to worry about burglary or even identity theft during the most wonderful time of year!

Our founder, Nathan Dagley, and the rest of us at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services believe that a Colorado home insurance policy is exactly what you need to protect your valuables. A typical policy will cover the structure of your home, replacement costs, personal possessions, liability and additional living expenses. However, adding a valuable articles or floater insurance policy to your plan may be a great idea around the holidays. After putting much thought and love into your purchases, it is important to keep them safe!


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