Enjoy a Stress-Free Thanksgiving with Colorado Home Insurance!

Thanksgiving is only a few days away; are you prepared? It may seem
like there is so much to do, but with the proper planning and
preparations, it should not be too overwhelming. Thanksgiving should be a
time to relax and enjoy family and good food. Stressing out should not
be part of the plan! In order to stay stress-free, we have a few tips to
offer, from making a to-do list to updating your Colorado home insurance.

#1: Clean up your yard. Make sure the outside of your home looks just as nice as the inside. It is important to clean the walkway and if the ground is icy, throw down some salt! The last thing you need is a slip and fall on your property.

#2: Child-proof your home. Make sure you hide any expensive or fragile pieces that could break. Having children running around your home is definitely something to prepare for ahead of time.

#3: Make a list. Pull out those recipes and figure out what you will need ahead of time. This way, you will not be running back and forth to the market last minute!

#4: Update your coverage. If you are having people over, this is crucial. You want to make sure your home is 100% covered from damages and especially liability.

#5: Have everyone bring a dessert. To make baking easier on you, have your guests bring a dessert each. This will definitely lessen up the cooking load!

#6: Prepare food ahead of time. It is totally acceptable to make a few dishes the day before, such as casseroles and cold plates.

#7: Decorate inexpensively. A few flowers and nice candles will go a long way!

These tips are sure to keep your holiday stress-free! Thanksgiving should never be a bother to prepare for- it’s important to enjoy it.

If you are worried about your coverage this season, do not hesitate to speak with us at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services. We are able to provide you with the best Colorado home insurance for an affordable price. A typical policy will cover the structure of your home, replacement costs, additional living expenses, personal possessions and liability. Need something more? Just ask!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast!


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