Have a Thinner Thanksgiving Dinner!

Ah, Thanksgiving. It’s awfully tempting to overindulge on such a holiday. However, there are always ways to enjoy a thinner Thanksgiving dinner. As your trusty Texas insurance agency, we have put together 10 tips to a thinner dinner.

#1: Eat breakfast. Too many Americans will pass on the most important meal of the day to “save room for later.” This is going to hurt you! It is important to eat as you normally would to refrain from overeating later.

#2: Go for a morning walk. Before anything, take a brisk walk or run. Getting active first thing in the morning will get your metabolism up and running. It may also motivate you to not overeat later.

#3: Cook light. There are a bunch of great substitutes for fattening ingredients such as butter and heavy cream. Make it a point to look these tips up before whipping up your Turkey dinner.

#4: Pace yourself. Eating quickly is only going to give you a stomach ache later on. If you savor every bite, you will feel more satisfied and much fuller.

#5: Fill your plate with veggies. No, we do not mean the creamy mashed potatoes or candied yam casserole! Fill up on all the green veggies you can find, and even the butternut squash. Just be careful with the butter!

#6: Don’t get stuffed on stuffing. We understand that it is impossible to pass up on the stuffing, but don’t load it on your plate. Just a few bites will be able to satisfy your taste buds.

#7: Go skinless. If you are eating turkey, make it a point to take the skin off. The skin is the most fattening part, and it does not contain any health benefits.

#8: Be social. If you are constantly chatting with a family member, you are guaranteed to be eating much slower, thus filling up faster.

#9: Drink water. Make sure you stay hydrated. This calorie-free beverage will fill you up, too.

#10: Pass on seconds. How could you want seconds when dessert will be out soon? Save room for that pumpkin pie! Besides, save for leftovers tomorrow!

Thanksgiving is not always about the feast- it is about family time too! To enjoy both, it is important to find an equal balance. Overeating on Thanksgiving will only make you feel sluggish and bloated. However, with these few tips, you can pace yourself and enjoy a thinner Thanksgiving dinner!



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