Is Your Restaurant Prepared for the Holiday Season?

As we approach the holiday season, we cannot help but think about all the restaurants in Texas. By jazzing up their menus with a few holiday favorites, restaurant owners will start to see a spike in business. From business parties to catering services, this season is sure to be a busy one. With the increase of business, it is important to remember a few important safety tips in the kitchen. The last thing you need is an accident that is not covered by restaurant liability insurance!

#1: Provide training. Make sure all incoming employees are properly trained on equipment and machines in the kitchen.

#2: Keep your knives sharp for the perfect cut. However, make sure your employees know how to handle the knife they are working with to p

revent an injury.

#3: Keep it clean. If the kitchen is cluttered with spills all over the floor, there is surely going to be an accident. Make sure your employees clean up after themselves for everyone’s safety.

#4: Make sure food is fresh. Your ingredients should be fresh and of great quality. If not, a customer may fall ill with food poisoning.

#5: Change your gloves. If you go from working with pastries to a seafood dish, make sure you change your gloves. First, you would not want the taste or smell to rub off. Second, you never know who may have an allergic reaction.

Safety in the restaurant business is so important, especially around the holidays. To ensure a great holiday season, make sure you follow these tips. However, the unexpected is not completely unavoidable. If an accident does happen, it is best to have restaurant liability insurance. Our policy will cover: general liability, food spoilage, kitchen equipment, liquor liability, workers comp and much more.

Stay safe and enjoy your busy months!



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