How Do OEMs & Aftermarket Parts Relate to Texas Car Insurance?

The day has come: you are involved in a car accident. Almost all Americans will be involved in an accident at some point in their life, whether big or small. Luckily, your Texas car insurance is there to cover most of the damages, if not all. Once you file the claim, it is time to replace the damaged car parts. So, do you go with OEM parts or aftermarket? Let’s take a look at both…

OEM parts refer to parts that are made specifically by the vehicle’s manufacturer. While they are more expensive, many car owners prefer OEM parts because they are newer, and are usually of greater quality than aftermarket parts. Those who have newer models are more inclined to look into OEM parts than those with an older vehicle.

While aftermarket parts may be looked down upon, this is the number one choice for insurance companies. These parts are cheaper than OEM parts, which is the main reason why insurance companies will choose them. However, as the vehicle owner, you can request to have OEM parts ordered and used for your repair. Your insurance company may ask for an additional payment to compensate for your choice.

When it comes down to it, OEM parts are usually the better option. It’s important to speak with your insurance agent and find out about their policies concerning OEM parts versus aftermarket.

The most important thing to remember: make sure your Texas car insurance policy is reliable. You should look into policies such as: bodily injury liability, medical or personal injury protection, property damage liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorists coverage. Once you have your policies in place, then you can worry about OEM versus aftermarket!

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