What are Common Damages Associated with Slab Leaks?

As your Texas insurance agency, we believe that it is important for you to know all about your home and the damages that may come with it. Many times, your home will face simple damages such as a broken window, or even a leaky ceiling. However, some damages are not so easy to detect or fix! Yes, we are talking about slab leaks.

Here are a few signs that are sure to determine if you have a slab leak or not:

#1: Water spots on your floor. Obviously, water spots are a sure sign of slab leaks. If you notice any damp, moist or just plain wet spots, you should contact a plumber immediately. This means that the leak has reached your flooring, which can be damaging

#2: A settled foundation. You may feel a shift in your foundation, which is usually caused by a slab leak.

#3: Low water pressure. Does your showerhead seem to be softer than usual? A reduction in water pressure is a sign of a leak.

#4: A sudden change in your water bill. Oh great, a really expensive water bill! What gives? Unless you have started leaving your sinks on 24/7, it is mostly likely a slab leak.

If you begin to notice these changes in your home, it’s time to call a plumber. Slab leaks will cause water damage to your foundation and even your home- which is not a good thing! Once you hang up with your plumber, you better get your Texas insurance agency on the line! Thankfully, a typical home insurance policy will cover the physical structure of your home- just what you need.

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