What Age Should I Purchase Life Insurance?

This is a common question for many adults. While you may feel young and healthy, life is risky. Just because you are in the best shape of your life does not mean you can escape death. Car accidents are a common killer to many young Americans, as well as many other types of accidents. If you do not prepare for the worst, your family will have much more to deal with once you pass than just the grief. So what age is the right age? Nathan Dagley and the rest of us here at Dagley Insurance and Financial Services are here to give you some insight…

First, there is really not a set age. However, the most common times are:

Married. The average American marries between the ages 25-27. Once you are married, looking into a life insurance policy for your new family is crucial. Now that you will be sharing your life and finances with another person, you must protect them for the worst. What if your spouse earns less than you? You need to make sure your spouse will be able to pay for the mortgage and children if you should pass. With a life insurance policy, they will be covered.

20’s. If you are in your 20’s and single, that does not mean life insurance can be dismissed. You must take all factors into consideration and realize the risks you face in your daily life. Without a life insurance policy, your family will be responsible for expensive funeral costs. Do you want to put such a burden on them?

Honestly, there is never a wrong time to have life insurance. Whatever age you may be, you will always feel much safer knowing that you are protected in the event of an unfortunate accident. So step back, take a look at your life and do what you believe is best.

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