3 Critical Coverages under One Roof – Home, Auto & Life!

Let’s be honest- insurance policies can be pretty pricey. Between home, auto, life, health policies and even Texas business insurance– the costs really add up! Have you ever considered bundling your policies? If not, it may be a good idea to look into it.

The three most common insurance policies to have are home, auto, and life. It is inevitable that you are going to have all three at some point. So why not save on your insurance costs by bundling them? And if you do not believe that these three policies are equally important, think again…

#1: Home insurance– It protects the structure of your home, liability, personal possessions, replacement costs and even additional living expenses. Need more coverage? There are animal liability policies as well as umbrella, jewelry insurance and much more.

#2: Auto insurance– There are a variety of options to look into for auto insurance including bodily injury liability, medical/personal injury protection, collision, comprehensive, property damage liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

#3: Life insurance– Cover your family in the event of fatal accident. You can choose between term, whole or combine policies. Without this coverage, you could be leaving your family with absolutely nothing.

We make it easy to save at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services with our bundle policy. If you purchase home, auto and life insurance through us, you will reduce your monthly premium. Not to mention save yourself the hassle of dealing with multiple agencies- that’s a lot of paperwork and confusion. We want to help simplify your life!

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