Why Should You Bundle Your Insurance Policies?

The next time your insurance agent asks if you want to bundle your policies, answer yes! Why? Bundled policies have many perks that you may not be aware of.  Do you want to get the most from your insurance and financial services? Texas, take notes! Here are a few reasons why you should bundle your policies

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#1: Save money. If you look into multiple policies with the same company, you are eligible for discounts. An insurance company will reward you if you are a loyal customer- they want to keep you around for as long as they can! Have a few cars? Have a home? Have a family and need life insurance? The more you add, the more the discounts will add up. We offer a stackable discount with life insurance, on both home and auto which can be taken advantage of for additional savings.

#2: E

asy to keep track. With one company taking care of your needs, it’s easy to keep track of your bills. If you work with 4 different companies, things may start to get messy!

#3: Avoid coverage gaps. With a bundled policy, you will know exactly what you are covered from, without any gaps. The most popular bundle is usually home, auto and life insurance- the 3 most important!

At Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, we want to see you save money. Bundled policies are a sure way to get the insurance you need for a better price! Have other insurance needs? From simple policies such as health insurance to specific policies such as Texas and Colorado renters insurance and business insurance, we will have you covered! If you have not looked into a life insurance policy just yet, for example, it may be time to. September was just Life Insurance Month, and it’s an important policy for both you and your family. Ask us how you can save with a stackable life insurance discount with both your home and auto today.


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