So Many Life Insurance Options…What’s the Difference?

It’s scary to think how many people live their lives without Texas life insurance. Many people do not have the money for life insurance, but others just do not think it is necessary. Maybe those people just need a quick lesson, so they can see the different options available! That’s where we come in at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas residents, here is a quick lesson!

#1: Term life insurance. Term life means a “period” of your life. It’s the easiest and usually the best options for great coverage for less money. You could have 10 years of coverage or maybe even 30, it’s your choice!

#2: Whole life insurance. This coverage will cover your whole life as long as you continue to pay the premiums. This is a good option for some people because they do not have to worry about not being covered at any point.

#3: Universal life insurance. This is a flexible plan along the lines of whole life insurance. “The insurance company will invest your savings, offer a guaranteed minimum, and you get those funds tax deferred.”  There are also two death benefits options: they will pay out the policy’s cash value or pay out the face amount of the contract plus any cash value you build up.

#4: Variable life insurance. This insurance plan basically allows you to put a percentage of your premium towards a separate investment account that will appreciate or maybe even depreciate. It can be grow, which is great but obviously, it comes with risks.

Now that you have learned more about these policies, it is time to go out and choose one! It’s time to come visit us at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas residents will be able to choose the policy they believe best fits their lifestyle, and if you have any questions- just ask!

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