The TOP 5 Reasons You Should Purchase Life Insurance

It’s week two of Life Insurance Awareness Month and we are just getting started! With so many people without life insurance, it’s crucial to speak about the importance of it. It should be a priority when looking into insurance and financial services. Texas residents, pay attention!

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should purchase life insurance:

#1: For your spouse. If you should leave your spouse behind, you leave them with less income. Without life insurance, your spouse may not make enough money to support the home or family anymore. This may result in the loss of home and possessions.

#2: For your children. If you should pass, your children will still want to go to college. Without life insurance, they may be denied that chance because of financial troubles.

#3: To cover funeral expenses. Without life insurance, you burden your family with funeral fees. That is the last thing they need during a time of grief.

#4: To pay off taxes and debt. Just because you have passed, doesn’t mean your debt will go away.

#5: You can personalize. Life insurance policies, such a term life, are able to fit your specific needs.

We take this month seriously at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas residents should too! Life is too short to have to worry about the unexpected. Trust us- you

will feel much better knowing that your family is secure if something were to happen. Now go out and live your life!

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