There’s a Death in the Family with No Life Insurance…Now What?

A death in the family is already hard enough to deal with. Now imagine having to deal when a person has no life insurance. This means you will not only have to take care of the funeral costs but are left with nothing to help pay the bills. There are too many cases where a spouse will die, leaving the other with nothing. Just because someone has passed away, that does not mean the mortgage and bills go away! It’s so important to look into life insurance and we are here to help you with that at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas residents should know about the consequences before opting out of life insurance.

#1: Dealing with funeral expenses. Without life insurance, you will be burdening your family with expensive funeral costs. They obviously want to have a nice service for you, but without life insurance you will make it hard for them to do so.

#2: Single parent struggles. Without life insurance, you could be leaving behind your spouse with nothing but struggles. Often times, single parents have to sell their home and possessions just to get by.

#3: Ask for help. It’s embarrassing to have to turn to your friends and family for help with costs. Don’t make your family go through any more than they have to!

Honestly, life insurance is more about your family than you. If you love your family, you would realize how important it is to have them covered if you should pass. This is where we come in at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas residents are encouraged to look into a policy that fits their lifestyle. Whether it is term, whole or term & whole combined, you will feel relieved knowing that your family is taken care of no matter what happens in life.

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