Join Us in Providing Aid to Firefighters & Those Affected by Texas Wildfires

Texas Wildfires

As the massive Texas wildfires continue to burn, thousands of Texans have been forced to leave behind homes, belongings, and even pets – not knowing if they will see them again. Many left for the long weekend only to find that they were unable to get back to their home, leaving them not only homeless, but without necessary clothing and toiletries to last until they are allowed back into their neighborhood.

You’ve seen the devastation on the news; the glaring images of the fires rapidly taking claim of the land with smoke pillars rising across the Texas landscape. If you are like us, you’re probably wondering, how can I help?

Along with Dagley Insurance, you aid both the victims of the Texas wildfires as well as the firefighters who are continually putting their lives on the line to protect our homes and families. The Katy Fire Department is collecting items for those both actively fighting the Texas wildfires and those whose homes and families have been directly affected by the fires. At this time the greatest need is in Bastrop, Texas where thousands have been displaced and the fires have not been contained.

Here’s what is needed:

Firefighters are in need of:

  • Baby wipes
  • Eye drops such as Visine
  • Vaseline
  • Industrial-grade goggles (wrap around)
  • Chapstick
  • White t-shirts
  • Hand towels
  • Energy drinks (Red Bull, Five Hour Energy, Gatorade, etc.)

Those Affected in Bastrop:

  • Clothes (especially underwear for men and women)
  • Men and women’s toiletries
  • Bedding
  • Pillows
  • Cots
  • Sleeping bags
  • Teddy bears or small toys for children
  • Dog and cat food

Donations can be dropped off at these locations:

Katy Fire Department

1417 Avenue D

Katy, TX

Tista’s Fine Furniture

403 W Grand Parkway

Katy, TX 77494


Dagley Insurance Corporate Office

23102 Seven Meadows Pkwy.

Katy, TX 77494

281-644-1000 – contact Jenny Perot

You can also donate to the Texas Wildfire Relief Fund – a statewide non-profit organization that helps to outfit Texas firefighters with proper equipment and supplies to help those in need.

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