Celebrate Life Insurance Awareness Month!

The month of September is a time to celebrate so much! Not only the change of the season, but take time to celebrate your life during life insurance awareness month. Why would we want to dedicate a month to insurance? Well- do you know how many people do not have reliable life insurance coverage? Over the years, the purchasing of life insurance has been on the decline. It’s scary to think that people do not realize how important it is to protect themselves and their families if something should happen to them.

Life insurance is so important, and here is why:

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#1: Your family. What would happen if you died today? Would your children be able to live in the same house? Would your spouses’ salary cover the cost of living? And if you are a single parent, what would happen to your children? Without a life insurance policy, you could affect their lives more than you can imagine. A happy home could turn sour in the drop of a hat.

#2: Your debts. If you should pass away, some of your debts may not go away. Why would anyone want to burden another person with that?

#3: Live stress-free. If you know that you are covered in the event of death, you will not have to worry about what happens when you are gone. Living a stress-free life will not only boost your health but may keep you around longer.

This is your life we are talking about. It is nothing like auto insurance or home insurance where your valuables are covered. This is so much more than that. Taking care of your family should be the number one priority in your life- it is time to show them that! We will be celebrating this life insurance month at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas, we hope you will celebrate along with us!

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