Last Minute Auto Tips for College Students

It’s September and college students are getting ready to get back on campus! Through all the excitement and packing, your car is probably not on your mind. However, before you leave it is important to make sure your car is in tip-top shape! It’s also important to look at your Texas car insurance policy at Dagley Insurance & Financial Services. Texas students could be looking at a cheaper rate!

#1: Have your oil changed. Before leaving, have your oil changed by your mechanic…it is better to have it done fresh by someone you know then running out and not knowing where to go at college!

#2: Save your gas. Yes- many college students are pretty broke while focusing on their studies. Save your gas by being mindful of speeding, charging your phone at home and keeping your windows up!

#3: Get a tune-up. One of the most important car care tips– it’s important to have your car checked regularly to make sure everything is working properly. This includes having your tires checked, brakes, fluids and much more.

#4: Go over your insurance policy. Before you leave, you must make sure that your insurance company will cover you if you are going to school out of state. Also, usually your auto insurance policy will be cheaper if you are going to school.

#5: Stock it up. Be sure to have a brush in your car (for leaves) and an ice scraper (for the winter months). Anything else you may need should be stocked in your trunk! You wouldn’t want a dilemma keeping you from going to class!

College is sure to bring many great times and awesome memories. Though you are excited, you still need to remember the important things. Staying safe and protected is important. With the right financial services, Texas students will be covered from liability, collision costs, medical and much more. Don’t let an accident cost you your college fun. Nathan Dagley and the rest of us at Dagley Insurance hope you stay safe and enjoy the college life!

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